Specialized for the World of Automation What does Engineering mean at MW Solutions?

Engineering is more than what is on a computer screen or on a print. At MW Solutions, engineering is understanding the entire process from concept to the product running a million parts. Taking into consideration the smallest of details, whether it is how a part is machined to making sure each bolt is easily accessible in an assembly, each step plays a role in delivering quality. Having this knowledge is critical to keeping a project on time and prevent issues along the way.

Hands On Engineers Who Can Turn a Wrench

Being with the build process along the way in every aspect helps to understand the workflow and allows us to keep things simple and not complex. Assembling the units we design prevents shortcuts being taken that another department would have to deal with. Knowing the types of machining equipment and their limitations keeps part designing straight forward. Automation Engineering must have a balanced understanding between mechanical design and the programming that is possible. The ability to know how a machine is programmed and the way it can work is crucial to designing and the components needed.

  • Machining Experience
  • Fixture Assembling
  • 3D Printing Experience
  • PLC Programming Experience
  • FANUC Robotics Experience

Thinking Outside the Box Or is it a Circle?

What may appear impossible or difficult to do, may be relatively easy if looking at it from a different perspective. Flexible thinking, creative construct, and open mindset are elements that must be applied to the Engineering Process. Sometimes we must work backwards to keep focus on the end goal or results. Designing must be open to input and different concepts or ways to come to a result, whether that is from a customer, limitations, or required specs. Concepts, end goal, open to input

  • Open to Different Perspectives
  • Small Details Matter
  • Customized Solutions
  • Problem Solving

MW Solutions LLC ISO 9001 2015 Certificate

Engineered for success

MW Solutions designs equipment to provide the highest quality throughput for each product. Our design engineers work closely with each client to provide the best in 3D design for any automation challenge. Through the use of such programs as Mastercam and Inventor, our customers can be confident the equipment they receive uses the most advanced technology available.

Our team of engineers is highly qualified and possesses the experience and knowledge needed to deliver. MW Solutions is fully commited to ensuring every customer’s requirements are met with 100% satisfaction.

CAD Gallery

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