Specialized for the World of Automation What does Engineering mean at MW Solutions?

Engineering is more than what is on a computer screen or on a print. At MW Solutions, engineering is understanding the entire process from concept to the product running a million parts. Taking into consideration the smallest of details, whether it is how a part is machined to making sure each bolt is easily accessible in an assembly, each step plays a role in delivering quality. Having this knowledge is critical to keeping a project on time and prevent issues along the way.


Unparalleled Precision Pride Ourselves in Speed and Accuracy

At MW Solutions, our fully equipped machine shop, provides CNC machining services making metal and plastic prototypes and production parts for a wide range of customers. We provide quick turnaround while adhering to the strictest quality standards. Every part is carefully gauged for accuracy.

We machine production parts, provide assembly, and offer various secondary operations, such as coating and surface treatments. Our 3D engineering, utilizing Mastercam and Inventor software, brings your concept to life.


Panel Building & CONTROLS fitted to suit your needs

Our Vendors


Process Cell Technology Utilizing the Most Current Technology Available

MW Solutions builds heavy-duty, custom automated equipment. Not only do we build tube bending equipment, we also offer all kinds of automation utilizing the latest advances in robotics and process cell technology. We design and build electronic control panels for all our own equipment. So, if you need a special piece of equipment, talk to us. We can help. We have spare parts inventory, build gauges and will even service after delivery.

We also partner with you to provide technical support, repairs, retooling and equipment retrofitting services. MW Solutions is committed to building success in everything we produce today. We will strive to be your preferred supplier.